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Need For Plumbing Repairs In Fort Lauderdale

Home maintenance here in South Florida can be overwhelming at times, but if the majority of homeowners realized the importance and financial alternative of regular maintenance on water heaters, toilets and drains; many emergency calls and expensive bills would immensely decrease.

For example, many homes are still using old hot water heaters instead of replacing them with newer, energy efficient water heaters.  Another issue is water heater repair.  Too many residents are unaware of signs of water heater trouble.  Others simply disregard the symptoms. Some common signs that indicate a need for water heater replacement are rust colored water; tank not heating as it did before and moisture on unit or leakage.

New water heaters are much more efficient than older models.  The State of Florida has instigated a mail-in rebate program to aid in assisting the replacement of certain appliances with ENERGY STAR qualified appliances.  Gas tankless water heaters have been included in the mix. 

Toilets are another important part of home maintenance.  A running toilet can waste more water than any other plumbing device in the home.   It is no secret that South Florida has been dealing with a problem drought for quite some time.  Regular toilet tune ups conserve water and provide better flush.


The most environmentally friendly heads are High-efficiency toilets (aka: HET).  These units are quieter than older models and use at least 20% less water than required by law.  Also, if working properly, these water saving toilets will never require double flushing.  If that does not persuade you, consider the fact that HET toilets will also require less cleaning.   If more South Floridians would simply invest regularly into toilet tune ups, and/or purchase water-saving toilets, our drought problems would decrease considerably.


Some indications that your toilet may require maintenance include a vibrating, shaking or rocking bowl; strange noises; filling up on its own without flushing; water level dropping while tank is full; requiring more than one flush; bowl staining or leakage.  If in doubt, check it out!  A service call will usually cost a great deal less than waiting until a problem turns more serious. Like anything else, if something is not taken care of, it will have to be replaced more quickly.  With plumbing, avoiding a problem may very well result in flooding, floor damage or other serious consequences.

Drain maintenance is another important part of properly maintaining a home.  Drain maintenance prevents backups.  Keeping your drain clean and clear of hair and other obstructions is of the highest priority.  This is something to consider when using a garbage disposal.  Too often, bottle caps, silverware and other debris find its way in and cause extensive damage to the drain. A clogged drain may be the result of many things, but keep in mind that harsh chemicals may be damaging to your pipes. By routinely maintaining your drain, you can again avoid expensive plumbing repair bills.

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