Money Saving Plumbing Tips

Living near the ocean in Pompano Beach, Florida, might mean that you enjoy the water outside your home on most occasions, but you also rely on your home's plumbing. However, your plumbing doesn't operate continually without some maintenance. In fact, plumbing issues might occur at any time and cause significant damages.

We believe in you, that’s why we’ve created a set of DIY guides to help you tackle a range of plumbing tasks, from that pesky dripping sink to the clogged showerhead. Sometimes though, it’s best to call a professional. Here are a few tips that might help you decide whether or not it’s necessary to enlist our help.

Be A Sleuth

One of the best ways to protect your plumbing is with simple detective work. Every month, take a close look at all of your visible fixtures and pipes. These areas shouldn't have any moisture on them. In fact, looking at these areas on a frequent basis gives you an indication of what is normal and abnormal. If water stains are suddenly dotting a pipe's exterior, further analysis must be immediately performed. A slow leak might be occurring within your plumbing. Fixing these small problems as soon as possible allows you to avoid any major issues in the future.

Invest In Strainers

As you shop in any home-improvement store, you may notice simple mesh strainers being sold. Pick up several of these strainers and fit them into all of your sink and shower drains. These strainers capture debris that would otherwise fall into the plumbing. Hair, food and other particles will usually adhere to the pipes' walls along with grease, soaps and various residues. Without the strainers in place, your pipes will clog over time. Although the pipes still need to be cleaned out on a periodic basis, you'll experience fewer slow-draining problems with strainers on the drains at all times.

Wipe Off Those Dishes

When dishwashers were first introduced, consumers placed their dirty dishes in the appliance without a thought to the food on the surfaces. Today's appliances are more advanced, but they still funnel any food particles through your plumbing during the washing process. Ideally, wipe your dishes clean before they enter the dishwasher. Tiny particles can easily move through your plumbing without any major clogging issues. In fact, you may want to ask your plumber to check the dishwasher during the next maintenance appointment. If there are any issues, they can deal with them at that point.

Drain Your Hot Water Heater

One DIY project that you can perform with little effort is draining the hot water heater. This tank holds water in a perpetual, warm state. Water is naturally corrosive so it will break the tank down over time. To prolong the tank's lifespan, you can drain it by attaching a standard garden hose to its spigot. Allow the water to flow out of the tank and into a nearby drain. This drainage process allows any residues to flow from the tank as well. Refill the tank and you have given the appliance a slightly longer lifespan as a result.

Call For A Yearly Plumbing Evaluation

Your plumbing system may seem to run with no problems for months at a time, but that doesn't mean that you should skip a yearly plumbing evaluation. Scheduling a yearly preventive maintenance appointment is the best way to keep your entire household free from major repair bills. Plumbers can use small cameras within your pipes and verify if any cracks are present. They can also update any fixtures that might be ready to fail. Your plumber will quote you a reasonable price at each appointment.

Take A Look At Your Yard

You may be concerned about evaluating your pipes under the sinks at home, but you should extend your visual cues to the front yard. Your plumbing's mainline usually crosses the yard, and this line allows wastewater to leave your property. If you notice any unusual puddles in your yard, contact your plumber. This main line might be leaking.

Contact Rapid Rooter

The professionals at Rapid Rooter are always standing by to help with your plumbing emergency, or just to perform routine maintenance. If you can’t fix it, we can. If a project is too much for you to tackle on your own, call us toll-free at (877) 202-6874

For additional plumbing tips and tricks that can save you money, visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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