aristocraft bristone styrine, a rigid black plastic for drain, waste, and vent lines.
a device screwed into the end of faucet spout that mixes air into flowing water, and controls flow of reduce splashing. Its sometimes contains a baffle to reduce flow to 2.5 gpm.
Air lock:
blockage in the flow of liquid, esp, on the suction side of a pump caused by air bubble in line.
Angle stop:
a shut off between the water pipe and a faucet. Its inlet connects to the water supply in a wall, and its outlet angles up 90 degrees toward the faucet. These are usually used to shut off water to a fixture in case of emergency repair Rather than daily usage.
Anode rod:
a sacrificial rod installed in a water heater that protects the tank from corrosion, helping to extend the life of the tank.
preventive device for the backflow of liquid into a system. Used on sprinkler systems to prevent water from trickling back into the supply that feeding it.

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