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Main Sewer Line Repair

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Sewer Line Inspection

Specially made cameras are one of the most valuable tools in determining the condition of underground pipes. Your Rapid-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service plumber will thread a high-resolution video camera on the end of a flexible rod into your sewer pipe. The camera transmits real-time images and radio transmitters on the camera record the depth and physical location of any problems in the line. Your Rapid-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service plumbing specialist will then offer options for repairing any defects quickly and cost effectively. Schedule your service today!

Sewer Line Damage

Broken or Collapsed Lines

Damage can be caused by nearby construction, as a result of excessive root growth, improper connections or other installation defects, as well as the ground settling or shifting. When this condition is verified it is normally advisable to replace the damaged portion of the line.

Settling and Slope Problems

Low spots, poor connections or inadequate slope to a sewer line are usually caused by improper installation. Typically, the conditions caused by their defects do not cause problems for many years.

Tree Root Damage

Tree and shrub roots enter lines through microscopic holes at joints and fittings or at fractures is the pipe. Sometimes the root infiltration causes small holes or fractures in the pipe to get bigger, creating flow problems within the sewer line and allowing sewage to escape into the surrounding soil.

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