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Understanding Your Septic Tank

For those homeowners living in rural areas that are not serviced by public utilities, the septic tank is not an unfamiliar term when referring to the home’s plumbing system. The idea of living without a septic system is certainly something we never consider, or even begin to imagine. It is a vital necessity. A necessity that can fail catastrophically if not properly maintained. The knowledge that we have septic systems, does not necessarily translate into an understanding of how they function. It is never a bad idea to be armed with the fundamentals. Basic knowledge, and an ability to troubleshoot, may even help a homeowner in determining when a sewer & drain service needs to be contacted.

The need for a functioning septic system is obvious to any homeowner. Water and waste that need to be removed from the home, is delivered to system’s major components to be efficiently processed. The two major areas of the system are the septic tank and the absorption, or drain field. When solid waste enters the septic tank, it gradually settles to the bottom, leaving household oils and grease floating at the top where they are delivered, along with any waste water, to the drainage field. Once in the drainage field, liquids are filtered through a series of perforated pipes, gravel, and soil, leaving any particulate matter behind. Water is then naturally absorbed by soil and root systems.

If not properly maintained, septic systems can not only fail, but have the potential to create serious pollution problems. Although solids will partially decompose in the tank, they will eventually reach capacity. At that point, a professional company such as Rapid Rooter, should be contracted for routine pumping & service. Maintaining a system is not something that a homeowner should ever attempt. Professionals like Rapid Rooter understand the mechanics and biology of the system, and have the equipment and skills to do the job right.

Pumping & service should be a fundamental part of any homeowners annual maintenence schedule. A sewer & drain service will ensure that the investment a homeowner has made in the septic system is well protected. Major failures may result in costly repair bills, or even the prospect of replacing an entire system. Investing in maintenence is money well spent.

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