Not Your Average Water Heater Comparison

Not Your Average Water Heater Comparison

 Water heaters last for a while until they just stop working. It’s probably been a while since you’ve had to buy one and you don’t even know where to start. Luckily for you, we’ve done our research and kept up-to-date.

Types of Water Heaters

There are five main types of water heaters which have different efficiencies, upkeep, lifespans, and price ranges. Each one fits a different level of need and has its perks. There are conventional (gas), tankless, solar powered, hybrid (heat pump), and electric water heaters. Below are a few details of each type to help you find what is best for your home!



  • The most common type of water heater.

  • This type of water heater runs on natural gas and has a high output, storing water in a large tank (usually about forty to one hundred gallons). As you use hot water, cold water is filtered into the tank to be heated.

  • Conventional water heaters can be very affordable in the long run.

  • Good for multi-person households, where members need to use hot water for different chores at the same time.

  • For maintenance, owners of conventional water tanks will need to occasionally check an anode rod for corrosion. This rod is intended to corrode before the tank itself begins to corrode, and its status will inform you of where your water heater is in its lifespan, which is usually 8-12 years.


  • Also called an “on-demand” heater, this water heater uses large coils, which quickly heat water when you draw it. As a result, your hot water will never “run out” as there is stored water to use. However, the coils can only heat a certain amount of water at any given time, which means that these models cannot produce as much hot water for separate tasks at the same time.

  • These heaters are good for people who only use water for one chore at a time.

  • They take up very little space and do not use the same energy water heaters with tanks do, maintaining the temperature of water. This can be useful for saving costs!

  • They can last 10-20 years, with good upkeep. They should be cleaned once a year.


  • Do not underestimate solar powered water heaters. These models do work on cloudy or rainy days! They are incredibly efficient in sunny places—here’s looking at you, South Florida!

  • A solar panel installed on the roof of your home provides the energy needed for water to heat up inside the tank until it is used.

  • Solar water heaters are less efficient than other models, but solar powered water heaters can slash electric costs in the long run. Electric costs in sunny regions can be incredibly cheap, as the savings you can get from a solar powered water heater are directly related to how much sunlight shines in your area.

  • Solar water heaters last for about 10 years. Because of the solar panel, owners of this model will need to do upkeep on their roofs, surrounding, foliage, and the panels themselves to ensure the model is in good working order.

Hybrid/Heat Pump

  • This type of water heater is very energy efficient, perhaps the most efficient of any water heater model.

  • These models shift between using heat pumps and electric components (which is why they are called “hybrid”) depending on how much water is being used, which maximizes their efficiency. They move heat around, rather than generating it. Because of this, these models can contribute to long-term savings.

  • Because of how the heat pump operates (pulling in warm air), they tend to do best in warmer environments, usually a warm room of the house. They lose efficiency in cooler areas.

  • They last about 13-15 years.


  • Imagine a conventional water heater, but with electric heating elements that are inside of the tank itself. Electric heaters store warm water inside the tank.

  • Like conventional heaters, it is possible to use water faster than the tank can heat it, leaving you chilly!

  • Need to be replaced very 10-15 years.


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