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Replacing a Water Heater

Is buying a home more intelligent than renting? The answer could be “ yes ” to both depending upon a person’s circumstances. I have come to realize that if you do not have the money to take care of home maintenance issues as they arise, or have the ability to keep the home up to date with functioning and reliable appliances and equipment, a person’s life would be much easier to simply rent.

One of the most important appliances ( yet also most commonly overlooked ), is the hot water heater . If you are experiencing problems with your hot water system, or are planning on purchasing a new tank in the near future, it’s a good idea to do a little homework first. The ability to decipher what hot water heater symptoms indicate the need for a repair ( verses replacement ) is invaluable. Otherwise, too often a water heater is repaired or replaced unnecessarily and eventually ends up costing more than was necessary. Who wants to spend more for home maintenance than they have to? Not me!

A new water heater system in price varies from around $150 to as much as $4,000. The cost depends on the size and type of tank, as well as its ability to save energy. Narrowing it down a bit, the average electric water heater typically sells for anywhere from $100 to $700. Gas water heaters average between $200 and $1000. Small units that fit under the sink are also available and range between $200 to $1500. Heat pumps and solar water heaters are also an option but have higher price tags.

Some things to consider when shopping for a water heater are:

  • How many appliances in your home depend upon hot water? Keep in mind, dishwasher, Jacuzzis and other similar appliances use large amounts of hot water.
  • How many people are living in your home? How many bathrooms ( full or half )? The size of tank is contingent upon how much water will be used for baths, toilet flushing, the dishwasher, clothes washer, etc. Obviously, when more people are living in a home with several appliances which require hot water, more water will be used.
  • Insulation is important. The thicker the insulation ( insulation density ranges from 1” to 3” ), the better the ability to maintain a consistent temperature, save energy and receive a better warranty;
  • Check the Warranty. How long is the warranty good for and what are the terms? The average water heater will last up to twelve years (minimum should be six years). However different factors will determine the life of a water heater , such as using hard water verses soft. Hard water is always harder on appliances, so if your home relies on a well-water system, you should assume the tank will more than likely have a much shorter life span.
  • Is the water heater tank system energy efficient? The National Appliance Energy Conservation Act of 1987 instituted the requirement of a yellow Energy Guide sticker be displayed on each water heater unit indicating the energy usage requirements for both electric and natural gas tanks.

The best and most affordable way to repair or replace a water heater system is by calling Rapid Rooter in South Florida. They are licensed and educated professionals, so it will take out the guess work. Call (877) 202-6874 today for your FREE estimate on all plumbing and air conditioning repairs and replacements, or visit us online at .

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