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How To Keep Your Dishwasher Dependable | Rapid-Rooter

I remember as a kid in the mid 70’when our first automatic dishwasher was delivered to our home and the model was in the era’s popular color, Harvest Gold.  My mother was so happy! I also recall how the new dishwasher was on rollers and that we had to pull it out to connect it to the faucet each time it was used.  What a pain!

Times have definitely changed and most homes now have automatic dishwashers which are installed within the kitchen cabinetsPortable dishwashers are still available, but it’s not typically the norm.   Nonetheless, what used to be one of the most bothersome chores within the home became “not quite so bad”.  There are still quarrels over who is going to take care of emptying and filling the dishwasher.  Regardless, the task is done in less time and without getting those awful wet, soggy, wrinkly hands.

Most of us count on our dishwashers a great deal.   As a matter of fact, when it is not working, fixing or replacing a dishwasher is usually top priority.  Regular dishwasher maintenance and proper handling will keep your dishwasher running efficiently without surprise breakdowns.  The first (and maybe the most important) thing you can do to maintain your dishwasher is use itThat’s correct.  Long periods of not running the dishwasher may allow the seals to dry out and cause cracking, which will eventually lead to additional problems such as leaks.

Another important factor to maintain and improve the performance of your dishwasher is water temperature.  A dishwasher requires water to be a minimum temperature of 130° to adequately operate.   A cooler temperature may result in left behind greasy film and soap residue.  Running the faucet until the water reaches a hot temperature before starting the dishwasher will promote a better wash.  If your home water system generates hard water, consider also using a dishwasher rinse aid to help control left-behind film and residue.

Sometimes a dishwasher accumulates rust; especially in a unit installed within a well system.  Dishwasher racks may also begin to rust and deteriorate and can be responsible for spots found later on dishes.  However, these racks can be repaired and replaced.  Dishwasher filters should be changed regularly and spray arms should be checked for and freed of clogs.

You may want to consider upgrading your dishwasher if you haven’t done so within recent years.  Newer dishwasher models are more energy efficient, and the less energy and water consumed by an appliance, the more you save money and the environment.

Rapid Rooter is available to assist South Florida residents and businesses with new dishwasher installations or unit repairs; as well as installations and routine maintenance for plumbing and/or air conditioning.  For a free estimate, give us a call in Palm Beach, Broward or Dade at 877-202-6874, or visit us online at South Florida Plumbers.

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