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Preventing Future Drain Clogs

There are few things more aggravating than a clogged drain in your kitchen or bathroom sink, or the bathtub/shower. It’s a smelly, nasty mess, and it can bring your world to a smelly stagnant halt until you get the situation fixed. Why do some people run into this problem more than others? What can I do to prevent this from happening? The answer, oh lover of unimpeded drainage, is to keep your plumbing maintained. In other words, a tiny bit of occasional work can prevent a big problem…one that possibly could come with an expensive repair bill.

Here are just a few handy-at-home tips to help preventing a clogged drain in your home:

1) Oil and grease down the drain is a definite no-no!! Always pour excess oil and grease from your cooking into the trash can or a disposable item like an empty can, and chuck it into the ga rbage.

2) Use cold water when running the garbage disposal in your sink. When the disposal stops running, let the cold water run a little longer to help wash down any leftover debris.

3) Never flush any paper product other than toilet paper. Paper towels, writing paper, cigarette butts, etc… can cause serious problems with your entire sewer system, which can lead to backed-up drains.

4) Install sink strainers – and use them! These strainers will prevent small food particles, bits of soap and more from becoming part of the gunk-in-progress in the drain. Clean these strainers regularly.

5) Remove and clean your sink stoppers. Do it at least once every couple of months. A little build-up is to be expected, but regular maintenance can prevent normal build-up from becoming a serious clog.

6) Once every couple of weeks, fill each individual sink and tub in your home as full as it will allow, and then pull up the stopper. The volume and weight of the water will fill the drainpipe completely with water at a high pressure level, and do a good job of flushing the drain line.

7) If your drain is running slowly, pour a pot of boiling water down it. That will clear a lot of problem clogs, especially in your kitchen drain, where oils are likely to collect and solidify.

With a little effort, a small amount of maintenance can keep you from a wet and slimy catastrophe, as well as allaying the need to buy expensive cleaning products. By spending a small amount of time and energy now, you can ensure that your drains and home plumbing give you years of no-headache service, so nothing clogs up your day! Give us a call at 877-202-6874, or visit us online at . We look forward to your call.

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