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Stinky Sink Remedies

How to Fix And Prevent Stinky Sink Drains

One of the most common questions we receive from our customers is about smelly sink drains. The odors can make cooking, cleaning, teeth brushing and washing dishes unpleasant. If your home has a stinky drain, try one of these remedies to leave your kitchen or bathroom smelling pleasant once again.

Eliminate Sink Odors With Vinegar

Vinegar is commonly used in households to kill germs, mold and bacteria. These unique properties can work to rid your sink of unpleasant smells. According to Popular Mechanics, food often becomes stuck in the blades of the garbage disposal, causing a smelly kitchen sink drain. To fix this, simply pour one cup of vinegar down the smelly sink drain and wait for 30 minutes. Flush with hot water for several minutes after the vinegar has sat for the given time.

Install a P-trap

If the stinky drain smells faintly of rotten eggs, this could be due to sewer gases that are being trapped by the water. To remedy this situation, a proper P-trap must be installed. A P-trap holds the water in the drain and prevents sewer gases from getting into the bathroom by providing a seal. Without this trap, the gases will constantly leak and cause a smelly sink. Lifehacker also recommends ensuring that the sink is properly vented. If it isn't, these back-flowing gases will bubble up the drain, even with a proper P-trap installed.

Clear Out All Clogs

Clogged hair or food can make a sink smell very unpleasant. A simple smelly sink remedy is to remove these clogs by using a plumbing snake or a straightened-out wire clothes hanger. If the sink isn't clogged, the sink aerator may be filled with dirt or bacteria; cleaning it out and removing the gunk may help remedy the smell.

Check the Overflow Drain

According to Lifehacker, the overflow in a sink may hold a small amount of water. If this water becomes stagnant, it can cause unpleasant odors to occur. To diagnose this problem, plug the sink and fill it up with water. If at first there isn't a smell, but the sink does begin to emit an unpleasant odor once the water hits the overflow drain, the stagnant water is the problem. Often, caked-on dirt and gunk are the reason that water is being trapped in the overflow. Pouring a liquid clog cleaner down the drain should remedy this issue.

It can be extremely unpleasant to have a smelly kitchen or bathroom drain. Try these tips to get your sink smelling better. If your sink still smells after trying these tips, give us a call. We can get your drains running clear and remedy any unpleasant odors.


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