Most Common Plumbing Issues

Most Common Plumbing Issues

Sometimes the most common and seemingly minor issues can turn out to be part of a much larger problem. If left untreated, they may also lead to expensive repairs. Below is a list of the most common plumbing issues, if you’re facing any of these in your household it may be time to call Rapid-Rooter and get things straightened out.



Among the most common of plumbing issues is the leak. Leaks can occur in more places than just your faucet. A leak can happen where any two plumbing elements connect. The tricky thing about leaks is they don’t always occur in visible areas, sometimes they can spur underground or behind walls. Untreated leaks can escalate into a large problem rather quickly, so it is important to check and be sure all components are connected properly.



Clogs are yet another common plumbing issue, whether they be in a toilet or drain. Neither toilets nor drains are made to accommodate large amounts of waste or debris, as lines tend to bend and have frequent changes of direction. Paying attention to what goes down your drain or is flushed down your toilet is very important. To avoid toilet clogs, throw excess toilet paper and objects such as feminine products in the trash. Drain clogs can be avoided the same way, by throwing away debris such as paper towels or hair.


Low Water Pressure

If your water pressure is low, there are a variety of potential causes. These potential causes can be anything from a clog to a burst pipe, and it is best to figure them out now rather than later. Low water pressure could indicate a much larger problem going on that can slowly worsen overtime. Don’t just ignore this one - contact a plumber right away to help determine your next move.


Water Heater Issues

Is your water not warming up properly? Chances are you could have an issue with your water heater. Water heaters should be checked and maintained regularly to keep this from happening. By having your water heater properly inspected by a licensed plumber, you can be sure to avoid those bitter cold showers!


If any of these problems arise, call Rapid-Rooter at 877-202-6874 for 24/7 emergency service.