Your Guide to Buying a New Water Heater

Your Guide to Buying a New Water Heater

So, your hot water heater is broken. Whether you’re cleaning up a flooded home or just suffering through cold or lukewarm showers, you want a replacement—fast. With Rapid-Rooter ready for every plumbing emergency, you don’t need to worry about researching, purchasing and installing a water heater yourself. We can do that! We know that your main concern is finding the best water heater for your budget. Most people only go through a few water heaters during their lives, so it’s an important purchase that you should customize to your needs. We can provide you with countless options to fit every budget and walk you through every step of the process.


Types of Water Heaters

There are five main types of water heaters which have different efficiencies, upkeep, lifespans, and price ranges. Each type will suit a different need. The most common types of water heaters are gas (conventional) and electric. In addition to those, there are tankless, solar, and hybrid (heat pump) water heaters.


How Do I Choose?

What’s right for your lifestyle? For example, a solar-powered water heater is a viable option year-round for those living right here in South Florida. Further, for energy-conscious consumers who are interested in reducing their overall carbon footprint, solar powered models may be a better choice.

Customers interested in efficiency may prefer hybrid models.  People who are interested in conserving their water use or who have limited space may like tankless models. On the other hand, households with many members may benefit from a conventional water heater, with a large supply of hot water for bathing and chores in a busy household. What your household habits and needs are like should determine the water heater you buy.

Choosing the right model and sized of water heater depends on a few factors:

  • How much water does your family use?

  • How quickly does water needs to fill?

  • What size water heater will fit in the space you have available?

Keep in mind that some models may have a larger upfront installation cost, which is then more than made up for in utility costs in the long-term. Water heaters are an investment.


Apps and Monitors

Some water heaters come with monitoring apps for your smartphone to control temperature or other aspects of the water heater’s operation, which can be useful if you want more control over your water usage and utility costs.



Whether you need help determining which type of water heater is best for you or you’re ready for installation, don’t forget to give Rapid-Rooter a call at (877) 202-6874 or schedule online.