4 Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems

4 Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems

There’s no arguing about it: water is life. Luckily, there are several options today for obtaining clean drinking water including packaged water, city water systems, well water systems, and more. However, even these options have their limitations when it comes to taste and drink-ability. Read ahead for four ways a reverse osmosis water filtration system from Rapid-Rooter could not only save you money, but also your health.


  1. Save Money on Bottled Water

Bottled water for a family of four could average between two to three cases of water per week. Considering an average cost of $5 per case, that small family could spend $10-$15 a week, or $500-$800 for one year. We all know the truth about bottled water. In addition to pollution issues in our landfills and oceans, there is no law mandating that bottled water must be better than tap water in order to sell it. Still, we feel more confident when putting our lips to a sealed bottle. Do the environment and your budget a favor by switching to a reverse osmosis filtration system today.


  1. Improve the Taste of Municipal Water

Many still rely on their municipality to supply clean drinking water. While city water suppliers are regulated and consistently tested to guarantee safety, the quality of water will not be that of water produced through a reverse osmosis system. Taste is extremely important. If your family does not enjoy the taste of water, they more than likely will not drink enough of it. The body depends on water to function. Ensure proper organ function, skin health, muscle strength and more through the daily intake of clean, delicious water.


  1. Maintain the Safety of Rural Water

In addition to municipalities, there is a large portion of the country who live in rural areas and rely on well water and well water systems for their drinking water. Homeowners relying on well water should have their water tested annually and will benefit from a reverse osmosis filtration system more than someone living in a city. Rain and ground water tend to frequently become altered within a well, so utilizing a water filtration system will ensure safety from contaminating bacteria and substances while simultaneously supplying great tasting water.


  1. Remove Contaminates from Your Water Supply

Walter filtration systems are designed to remove dangerous contaminates such as chemicals, bacteria and pollutant mineral deposits. One of the leading threatening substances in water is lead - another is chlorine. By removing these dangerous contaminates, the risks of developing various types of cancer and other serious health conditions are greatly reduced. The reverse osmosis filtration method involves a solid black carbon filter which is instrumental in removing up to 99% of dangerous substances, while leaving behind healthy mineral deposits that produce clean, healthy drinking water.


The safest and most affordable way to supply your home with clean, delicious drinking water is through a reverse osmosis water filtration system. To learn more about reverse osmosis filtration systems, please contact Rapid-Rooter by phone at 877-202-6874 or schedule your service online today and a representative will be in touch shortly.