How Do I Stop My Toilet From Running?

How Do I Stop My Toilet From Running?

A running toilet has the potential to waste gallons and gallons of water, increasing your water use by a noticeable amount. To fix a running toilet, first, you must figure out the cause of the problem. Below is a list of potential causes for your running toilet and how to fix them.

Check the Chain!

The lever you push when flushing the toilet raises a chain that lifts a seal, allowing for water to flow into the toilet bowl. Occasionally, this chain can tangle or malfunction and not allow the flapper to reseal. To fix this, you simply reposition the chain either by jiggling the handle or opening the tank lid and physically re-positioning the chain.


Non-Sealing Flapper

The chain may not always be the culprit as to why the flapper won’t reseal. The flapper may be damaged or be in the incorrect position. Try pushing the flapper down into the correct position and giving the toilet a flush. If the flapper continues to fall into the wrong position or refuses to seal even when in the correct position, it may be time for a replacement.


A Float That Floats at the Wrong Level

When you have too little water in your toilet bowl, you’ll have a weak flush, but too much water in the bowl may result in a fill valve that never shuts off. This can lead to a running toilet. To avoid this, check your float and ensure there is no water leaking into it and weighing it down. If there is, you’ll need a new float. If this is not the problem, you may need to readjust the float by moving the float up and down until the water level stops rising at the correct level.


A Fill Valve That Won’t Shut Off

When you open the tank lid and notice water is constantly flowing down the overflow tube, you have a fill valve that won’t shut off. Try adjusting the float level at first, and if this doesn’t work replace the valve and/or float. Replacing a fill valve can be a complicated process, so it is recommended you look at the instructions for your specific toilet.

If none of these recommendations stop your toilet from running, you may want to consider replacing all the inner workings of your toilet. If the problem continues, please give Rapid-Rooter a call and let us assist you.

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