Advantages of Modern-Day Plumbing

Advantages of Modern-Day Plumbing

Technology is something we are all familiar with these days. It runs our entire world. The advancement in technology over the years has made life easier on a personal basis as well as a professional basis. Plumbing is no exception to this technological advancement as modern tools not only help plumbers but also reduce the cost of plumbing repairs and replacements for customers.


Before Technology

Before technology played a role in plumbing, the solutions were almost as big of a disaster as the pipe and sewer problems themselves. Repairing pipes was time consuming and very labor intensive, often forcing home owners and businesses to either vacate the premises or live/operate without running water or a proper sewage system for some time. Due to the expenses and time involved, this would often lead to the loss of homes or businesses.


Visual Inspections

Visual inspections are one of the greatest improvements that technology has introduced into the world of plumbing. These inspections are performed with a video camera to diagnose issues with water pipes and sewage systems, such as cracks, root obstructions, clogs, and other problems that may be hard to spot.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

After the visual inspection and locating the problem, another great tool called the trenchless pipe repair is performed. This method provides a way to fix water pipes and sewage lines without digging up and dismantling the entire system. An Epoxy Resin pipe lining material is poured into the water pipe, using air pressure to bond the existing pipe and new material to correct obstructions. This practice significantly reduces the amount of digging and helps protect sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and landscaping.


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