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Advantages of Modern-Day Plumbing

Advancement in technology has made life easier on a personal basis, as well as within just about every professional skill or trade here in America.  Plumbing is no exception.  Modern tools and equipment not only benefit plumbers, but drastically reduce the cost of plumbing repairs and replacements for their customers.

Yesteryear plumbing solutions were almost as traumatic as the pipe and sewer line problems themselves.  Repairing pipes (with such intensive and time consuming procedures) would force homeowners and businesses to either vacate the premises, or simply live and/or operate their business without running water or a proper sewage system for extensive periods of time.  Such an expense and the time involved in pipe repairs would often result in lost homes and businesses.

The two greatest examples of how technology has improved the art of plumbing are Visual Inspections and Trenchless Pipe Repair.  Visual inspections are performed with a video camera created specifically to diagnose problems with water pipes and sewage systems.  The cameras are instrumental in identifying pipe and sewer malfunctions such as cracks, tree root obstructions, clogs and other hard to find plumbing problems.

After discovering your pipe problem with a video camera, Trenchless Pipe Repair provides a method to fix water pipes and sewage lines without digging and dismantling the entire system.  A pipe lining material made of Epoxy Resin is poured into the water pipe using air pressure to bond the lining with the existing pipe to correct the obstruction(s).  This practice replaces and repairs water pipes with only a fraction of the digging required by the more historical plumbing procedures and protects sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and most importantly, landscaping.

Rapid Rooter provides 24/7 plumbing and air conditioning services for South Florida’s tri-county area.  We have state-of-the-art equipment and only the most qualified professionals standing by to find and repair leaks, installations and more.  Call Rapid Rooter in Palm Beach County today toll-free at 877-202-6874, or visit us at South Florida Plumbers to schedule a FREE estimate.

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