Is It Time To Replace Your Toilet?

Is It Time To Replace Your Toilet?

Water conservation has become a top priority as economic concern is on the rise. Are you wanting to save water, and overall reduce your costs? It may be time to replace your toilet.


Time to Update!

An older model of toilet can use up to 3.5 gallons of water per flush. In 1994, regulations were put in place requiring toilets use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush. Most environmentally friendly toilets use the required 1.6 gallons but are also equipped with features that reduce the amount of water necessary to perform a good flush. If you are in the “older” toilet category, it may be time for some renovations. Think of all the money you could save by updating your toilet and reducing your water use!


What to Consider

If you are shopping for a new toilet, your focus should be size, performance, and conservation abilities. Measuring from tank to toilet, the standard toilet averages fifteen inches. Another very important consideration when toilet shopping is the space between the bathroom wall and base of the floor drain. Modern homes average between ten and twelve inches, while older homes measure around fourteen inches.


Low Flow Toilets

The low flow toilet is the most common type of head sold today. The low flow is a six-gallon tank that was originally designed to accommodate the new conservation laws. It includes features that aid in flushing and overall reduce water usage, such as gravity fed and pressure assisted toilets. A gravity fed toilet utilizes the weight of the water in the tank to help push waste through the system, while a pressure assisted toilet uses compressed air to do so. Pressure assisted toilets tend to be the noisier of the two.


Wall Hung Toilets

Wall hung toilets are proving to be a great choice for space saving and decorative purposes. These toilets offer a unique look and can be mounted on a wall or over a drain. A wall hung toilet also offers the option to install the tank inside or outside the wall.


Two Flush Toilet

The Two Flush Toilet is probably the best option if your main priority is conserving water. The Two Flush Toilet offers two flushing alternatives, a full flush or half flush. By having two options, the user can determine which flush is best to eliminate the waste. Liquids only require a half flush, where solids would require a full flush.


By simply updating your toilet, you can not only help the environment but can also save yourself some money along the way. Contact Rapid-Rooter to schedule a FREE estimate to repair, replace, or install a new toilet or any plumbing fixture you may need!