How to Protect Beach Pipes from Corrosion & Clogs

How to Protect Beach Pipes from Corrosion & Clogs

South Florida is a beautiful place to live. Many of us live in South Florida because we love being near the ocean. We can visit the beach, snorkel, or go scuba diving whenever we want. However, our unique location means that our homes also face unique stresses that impact our plumbing. We need to be aware of these problems, to keep an eye on our homes and get ahead of repairs before they become a problem.

There are two main stresses that our plumbing faces in South Florida.

  • Salt water can cause pipe corrosion, especially in older or copper pipes. Plastic pipes are more resilient against salt water corrosion. Look for reddish water coming out of your faucets, as it’s a clear sign of salt water corrosion. Re-piping may be necessary to fix the problem!
  • Sand can easily clog drains. A plumber may be able to flush the pipe system in your home to repair it.

Preventative Maintenance

Taking the necessary precautions to protect your plumbing will help in the long run. Rapid-Rooter will be your plumbing partner who will work with you to ensure that your home is functioning properly and safely.

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