Septic System Treatment: FAQs

Septic System Treatment: FAQs

In rural areas, septic plumbing systems are not uncommon. Maintaining these systems regularly is imperative to their functionality. Below are answers to some commonly asked questions regarding septic systems.


Q1: How often should my septic system be treated?

Your septic system should be inspected every three years by a professional. Systems are typically pumped every three to five years.


Q2: What are the signs that my septic tank is full?

You should have a pretty good idea if your septic tank is full or overflowing. There will be pools of water, foul odor, and your grass may even look a little healthier than normal. Drains are likely to be a lot slower and you may even experience your sewer backing up.


Q3: Does septic tank treatment really work?

When your tank is full, it needs to be pumped. Additives can help give your tank a boost but should not be used to fully replace having your system inspected and maintained properly.


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