How to Avoid Unlicensed Plumbing | Rapid-Rooter Blog

How to Avoid Unlicensed Plumbing | Rapid-Rooter Blog

An unlicensed plumber may sound like a cheaper option in the beginning but could end up very costly in the end. This goes not only for plumbers, but also roofers and any general contractors. One simple mistake could lead to major consequences, which can end up being very expensive in the long run.

Important for South Florida

South Florida especially falls victim to unlicensed plumbers during hurricane season. Tropical storms cause us to make hasty and often uneducated decisions. Unlicensed plumbers typically don’t have their license due to felony convictions or illegal business practices. Yikes.

How to Avoid an Unlicensed Plumber (or any other contractor):

  • Ask for a license number. If they refuse to offer you a valid license number, they are most likely unlicensed.

  • Verify the license number given, here.

  • Ask for a hard copy of the plumber’s license.

  • Check the driver’s license of the plumber to ensure the signature and photo I.D. match.


Home repairs and renovations can be expensive as is, don’t risk making it even more expensive! It’s always important to protect yourself by hiring licensed, experienced professionals such as the plumbers at Rapid-Rooter.