De-Winterizing Your Plumbing

De-Winterizing Your Plumbing

The sun is finally shining, green grass is beginning to pop up, cooler temperatures are a thing of the past. Is your plumbing ready to handle the changes from winter into spring? Check out the below tips to de-winterize your plumbing and prepare for the hot, South Florida weather that we all love!

Visual Inspection

Before messing with anything, inspect each fixture and all pipes for possible leaks or corroded areas. It is important to fix and/or replace these damaged areas before water runs through them. Close all indoor and outdoor faucets and turn water back on. After water has begun flowing, check for any leaks. Closing and opening each faucet individually allows for each to be inspected, so there isn’t a potential leak happening elsewhere.

Turning on Water Supply

It is not uncommon for water supplies to be shut off during the winter, but when it’s time to be turned back on you shouldn’t just turn it up full force. After shutting off your water, turn it back on partially and long enough that your toilet tanks fill back up. Turn on each faucet and allow them to flow for at least 20 minutes and flush all toilets a couple times as well. Doing this helps remove any chemicals that may have been used during the winter.

Prepare Your Drains!

If your drains haven’t had water down them in some time, it’s helpful to pour a gallon or so of water down them to prepare! Do this for all floor drains as well as your washing machine drain.

Always take the time to prepare your appliances for seasonal changes. This can help you avoid costly damages or leaks that could have easily been prevented. If you have any problems or concerns with this, please contact Rapid-Rooter’s licensed plumbers to give you a hand!