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Affordable Home Improvement for the Holidays

There is no better time to take care of those small home repairs or fixture upgrades on your kitchen and/or bathroom than before guests arrive for the holidays.  Most homeowners do not realize what a difference installing new plumbing fixtures can make.

In a tough economy, many people are in search of ways to improve a home without spending a fortune.  The kitchen is the primary place where everyone gathers during a holiday party and an excellent first choice to begin remodeling.  There is a full selection of faucet spouts available to add character to your proud kitchen, such as pot filler faucets or two-handle widespread kitchen faucets.  Many of the new designs will impress guests and add style to any kitchen.

The bathroom is another room in the home which will benefit from new plumbing fixtures.  For example, there are so many different styles and brands of bathroom faucet fixtures and sinks.  Some of the most creative designs are available today, including vessel and waterfall faucets.

Another easy and great way to add charm to your bathroom is with a beautiful wood finish bathroom vanity. Discover a complete variety of vanities such as single and double basin vanities topped with high quality marble.  Transform a drab bathroom into an impressive washroom with this one small modification.

New appliances are another wonderful way to improve the look of your home, while gaining efficiency.  For example, modern dishwashers are designed to handle even the dirtiest dish without pre-rinsing.  Many provide a powerful steam pre-wash to clean hard-to-remove left-overs on dishes.  These powerful models also consist of multiple stage filtration systems which result in cleaner water for washing.

Garbage disposals have also come a long way in recent years.  Most new garbage disposal systems are safe for the majority of pipes and septic tanks; refresh sinks and drains; and handle grease much better than earlier models.  Dinner clean-up is always easier with a reliable and effective garbage disposal.

Rapid Rooter in Fort Lauderdale is available to assist you with plumbing fixture installations, new appliance installations, repairs for existing fixtures, or any plumbing problem which may develop.  Whether your home is in need of a new bathtub, shower or any plumbing modification, Rapid Rooter can help at an affordable price.  All installations and repairs are handled with care.

Treat your home to a little remodeling this season.  Contact Rapid Rooter to schedule a FREE estimate to repair, replace or install new appliances or plumbing fixtures!  Call us toll-free at 877-202-6874, or visit us at

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