Affordable Home Improvement for the Holidays

Affordable Home Improvement for the Holidays

You’re hosting for the holidays! You’ve got the menu ready, you’ve decorated to the last detail, but did you think about your plumbing fixtures? Can your outdated dishwasher clean all those dishes?

We get it: you want to be an impressive host without breaking the bank. You also want to take care of plumbing problems before your guests arrive. That’s why we have some suggestions for redecorating, redesigns, and upgrades to your home before the holidays arrive.

You can use these ideas to suit your own budget. The best part? When your guests leave and the holidays are over, you’re left with new, updated fixtures and appliances in an improved home.

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is a main gathering space, and a great place to start simple remodeling. Think of all the cooking that you’ll be doing this season. Can your sink and faucet handle it? Something mobile like a pot filler faucet can make cooking prep so much easier! Or for a touch of style, a two-handle widespread kitchen faucet will instantly class up the kitchen.

In the Bathroom

Bathrooms can be updated with creative designs that look amazing and make the whole house feel more luxurious. There are so many styles and brands to choose from to fit your decor and your budget. Vessel faucets and waterfall faucets stand out, especially if you pair them with an updated vanity.

That’s right: instead of just a “sink,” you can install vanities that add charm and beauty to the washroom. Wood-varnished or marble-topped vanities are classy and comforting, and you can choose between single and double-basin to suit your needs. 

New Appliances

Do you have an older model of dishwasher that sometimes leave food stuck to dishes? Do you have to be careful of overloading the dishwasher, or dishes just don’t get clean?

New dishwasher models use multiple-stage filtration systems to ensure that the cleanest water is used to powerfully wash the dishes and include a steam pre-wash to eliminate any bits of dried food stuck to the dishes. No pre-rinsing! Cleaning after a holiday meal will be simple, and you can enjoy desert without worrying if you’ll need to clean dishes twice.

Garbage Disposals

There’s no reason to keep an under-performing garbage disposal, especially not before the holidays. If you’re expecting a lot of dinner prep and clean up, a reliable, effective garbage disposal is the way to go.  The majority of new garbage disposal systems will work with most pipes and septic tanks.

A new disposal will refresh sinks and drains and can tackle tough jobs, even grease, so you don’t have to hover over the sink during the holidays. New disposal systems are a great long-term investment for your kitchen.


You don’t need to do this alone! Rapid-Rooter will assist you with installing new plumbing fixtures, new appliances, or to make repairs on existing fixtures. So, go ahead—get that dream vanity for the bathroom! Kick your old dish washer to the curb and install a new one!

Rapid-Rooter is here to help with ANY installation, repair, or modification to plumbing or fixtures. We handle every installation or repair with care, which leaves you worry-free to give your home a new face for the holidays.

Treat your home to a little remodeling this season. You’ll love it. Your guests will love it. Contact Rapid-Rooter to schedule an estimate to repair, replace or install new appliances or plumbing fixtures!  Call us toll-free at (877) 202-6874 or schedule a service.