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Hot Water Heater Leaking Maintenance

When your water-heating unit is leaking, repairs can be difficult even for those who have some hands-on experience. If a repair is outside of your skill level, make an appointment with our team of technicians who will come out and give you a free and accurate estimate for repair. To go the extra mile and help our customers understand their water heating system better, we have assembled this troubleshooting and maintenance guide.

Safety First

Before you start any work on your hot water heater , you need to understand the different safety measures that a technician should take in order to avoid serious injury. Between all of the wires, electricity, fire, hot water, and other components, not only can you easily damage the unit, but you can also create an unsafe environment for yourself. Before starting, you should complete the following steps:

Turn off the circuit breaker to the unit.

  1. Turn off the water valves going in and out of the unit.
  2. Ensure the gas line is completely and securely turned off.
  3. Relieve tank pressure (attach a hose to the drainage valve to avoid a mess).
  4. Make sure to limit contact with the unit until the hot water has cooled to avoid burns.

After doing these things, you are ready to troubleshoot and perform water heater maintenance.

System Flush

As a heating unit is used, buildup of pressure, dirt, and other things can quickly lead to leaks in the structure of the unit. To avoid leaks, perform routine system flushes. Every 6-12 months, complete the following process:

Locate the drainage valve on the bottom of the unit.

  1. Attach a hose.
  2. Run the hose to a nearby sink for drainage.
  3. Turn the drainage valve on.
  4. Allow all of the hot water to drain properly.
  5. As cold water starts to fill the unit, keep draining to flush out the system.
  6. Turn off the drainage valve

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