Preventative Maintenance Plumbing Tips

Preventative Maintenance Plumbing Tips

Most of us live with small problems that can turn into needing major repairs. We don’t think too much about a few strands of hair going down the shower drain, until it becomes a clog that we need to pay a professional to fix. Routine maintenance can help you avoid extensive, costly repairs. You can save money and keep your home in better condition in the long term, with some simple, fast routine upkeep. Here are some tips from Rapid-Rooter for home maintenance.

Water Heaters

  • Many homes still use older models of water heaters. You can replace them easily with energy efficient water heaters.

  • Keep an eye out for rust colored water from your faucets, water that isn’t heated properly, and leakage or moisture on the unit itself. Looking for these symptoms of a problem will keep you one step ahead of a busted water heater.

The state of Florida has a mail-in rebate program to help residents replace outdated water heaters with Energy Star qualified gas and tankless water heaters (as well as other household appliances).


  • Running toilets waste more water than any other plumbing device in the home. They can cost a LOT of money. Not to mention, a running toilet is not what you want during South Florida droughts. Regular toilet tune ups conserve water and provide better flush.

  • You can replace your toilet with a high-efficiency toilet (HET). Not only does this model use at least 20% less water than required by law, they are also much quieter than older models of toilet. HETs never need to double flush, they require much less cleaning, and as such are worry-free during periods of drought.

  • Keep an eye out for vibrating, shaking, or rocking bowls, strange noises, and irregular water activity, like the water level raising without flushing or dropping on its own when the tank is full. A service call will usually cost a great deal less than waiting until a problem turns more serious. With plumbing, avoiding a problem may very well result in flooding, floor damage or other serious consequences.


  • Keep your drain free of hair or other material that could cause a blockage. For bathtubs, a simple hair-catcher can prevent these items from entering the drain.

  • In the kitchen, be aware that small or slim items like bottle caps or silverware can slip into the garbage disposal and cause damage.

  • Harsh chemicals can damage pipes, so while you may be tempted to pour a quick solution into the drain, the best solution is to avoid the problem in the first place through preventative measures or manual fixes like drain covers and snakes.

Call Rapid-Rooter for any problem. We are happy to make service calls to check in on a minor problem before it becomes a major expense for you. To schedule a FREE estimate on repairs or maintenance for water heaters, toilets or drains, contact Rapid-Rooter by calling 877-202-6874.