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Improve Your Bathroom With An Old Style Tub

History is affecting today’s room décor in all areas of the home.  A society that seems to be clinging to a retro style just as they also enjoy hearing music, wearing clothes and watching old movies from earlier times, seem to find comfort and inspiration in reminiscence.

For many, just the thought of decorative remodeling can stimulate us.  It seems that a great deal of re-decorators choose a theme based on designs and styles identifying earlier times, such as antique bathroom fixtures. Claw foot tubs are a good example of how using an antique fixture style can make a distinctive difference in bathroom or kitchen decor.

A retro bathtub design suggests a cottage-bungalow look, which is appreciated and very popular here in South Florida as its look also suggests a Key West accent.  In the latter part of the nineteenth century, this bathroom fixture would have been made from cast iron and porcelain and found in the more well-to-do homes.

Refinished, original clawfoot tubs can be easily found, but you also have a more up-to-date (and probably less expensive) option.  Modern replica bath fixtures (like the clawfoot tub) are available and now made of fiberglass, or other contemporary materials.  Shower fixtures are also available for many bathrooms using this tub model.

Following behind the era of the clawfoot in the 1920’s was the pedestal tub.  This style of  bathroom fixture is similar to the clawfoot tub, but sits on an oval base with a straight back and flat front rather than legs.  Wood may be used for the base allowing you to paint a color to match your bathroom interior.  Otherwise, the pedestal bathtub is more likely to be made of a porcelain or acrylic.

Vintage looking or antique plumbing fixtures are a great way to spruce up a bathroom or kitchen in any home. Combining these historical features with a modern approach will not only make you feel more at home, but it will also impress guests. By accentuating a room with crystal ornamental light fixtures, stained-glass lamps and rustic framed mirrors, there’s a hint of a Victorian art-deco chateau.

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