Improve Your Bathroom With An Old Style Tub

Improve Your Bathroom With An Old Style Tub

Today’s society seems to have a draw to the past. We cling to the retro styles, music, clothing, and old movies all from earlier times. A great deal of re-decorators choose a theme that is based on styles and designs from earlier times as well. There is both comfort and inspiration in reminiscing. A retro bathtub design suggests a cottage-bungalow look, which is appreciated and very popular here in South Florida as its look also suggests a Key West accent.


Clawfoot Tubs

Clawfoot tubs are a prime example of how an antique style can really spruce up your bathroom décor. In the latter part of the nineteenth century, this fixture would have been made from cast iron and porcelain. And, would have been found in many upper-class homes. The original clawfoot tubs can be found easily, but there is also a more up-to-date option that probably won’t cost you as much. Today’s clawfoot tubs look like the original, however they are made of fiberglass or other contemporary materials. Shower versions of this tub model are also available.


Pedestal Tubs

The pedestal tub followed behind the era of the clawfoot tub in the 1920’s. The pedestal tub is like the clawfoot tub, but instead of legs it sits on an oval base with a straight back and flat front. The base of the pedestal tub may be wood that you can paint to match your bathroom interior. If not wood, the pedestal tub is more likely to be made of porcelain or acrylic.


Vintage or antique plumbing fixtures are a great way to add a point of interest in your bathroom or kitchen. Combining historical features with a modern approach will surely impress your guests. Contact Rapid-Rooter today for remodeling installs on any kitchen or bathroom fixture. You can also count on them for repairs or routine maintenance by calling 877-202-6874.