Prepare Your Plumbing for the Cold Months

Prepare Your Plumbing for the Cold Months

Even South Floridians have to take some precautions before the cooler season arrives.  Although many winter days here in the tropics still remain warmer than most of the northern states; there are still some bitter cold spurts that arise throughout the season.  Such sporadic cold weather can cause water pipe damage, water heater problems and more.  In order to prevent costly and troublesome plumbing problems, it is best to conduct routine plumbing maintenance and repairs before the winter months arrive.

One of the most costly home repairs involves pipe damage due to freezing.  Not only is correcting the damaged water pipe catastrophic to your checkbook, but wait until you see the cost of the necessary repairs and improvements to other parts of your home from the flooding.  By covering piping with heat tape in the unheated areas of your home (i.e. garage, attic, etc.), the risk of pipes bursting decreases substantially.

It is common for South Florida residents to attempt to ride out cold nights without turning on their heater either to avoid costly electric bills, or because they are so excited for the cold weather they don’t want to miss the winter experience.  However, it is important to keep an eye on weather forecasts and to turn on your heating system when the forecast predicts freezing temperatures.  Otherwise, the risk of frozen pipes is just as potential as any area in the northern part of the country (if not more).

Other tasks you can do on your own to prevent plumbing problems include flushing out water heater tanks and wiping down the sump pumps before the season changes.  Draining the water heater will prevent clogging due to built-up mineral deposits which will reduce the life of your system and also cause heating problems.  Before conducting any type of maintenance, be sure the tank’s temperature is turned down low enough to prevent a burn injury.

Another simple plumbing problem prevention tip includes taking a stroll around the outside of your home and checking for any leaking faucets.  Disconnect water hoses and cover all exterior faucets with insulation (a leaky faucet could be the trigger for a cracked pipe during a surprise cold freeze).

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