Plumbing Inspections and Appliance Care

Plumbing Inspections and Appliance Care

Rapid-Rooter is here for all your plumbing needs. We can help prevent future problems or catch problems already in the works before they hit the point of no return. Nobody likes paying for expensive repairs that could have been avoided. Our services, products, and tools can help those with experience and even those without to the same result – success. Whether you go about it yourself or have one of our technicians help, Rapid-Rooter is always reliable.


Home Plumbing Inspections

A home plumbing inspection by Rapid-Rooter is a great way to get a better understanding about the plumbing on your property and what it needs to function. This inspection carefully looks at each part that makes up the entire system. Our technician will ensure that each area is checked thoroughly. After the inspection, the technician will share his/her findings and explain the best services available to keep your system in its best shape. It is always a good idea to understand how your plumbing is set up so that you can catch problems quicker.

Appliance Care

Your appliances make up an entire functional system that does what you need. Below are the most common appliances that are overlooked, but often require some TLC.

  • Water Heater – Ensure your water heater is regularly flushed and maintained. If not properly maintained, the likelihood of experiencing failures that result in no hot water are much higher.
  • Garbage Disposal – When using the disposal, ensure the water is always running and that you give it enough time to grind up waste. Only put products that are disposal safe in the disposal.
  • Water Softener – The water softener prevents many problems from occurring in your other appliances. If the water softener ever stops working, it can do some damage to your entire plumbing system.


Regular maintenance and caution with each appliance can save you from potential repair costs and disasters. Contact Rapid-Rooter today to schedule an inspection.