Tips to Avoid a Halloween Nightmare with your Plumbing

Tips to Avoid a Halloween Nightmare with your Plumbing

As Halloween approaches, plumbing is likely the last thing on your mind. You are already tasked with the job of helping the kids pick out costumes, stocking up on candy for the neighboring kids (or yourself), and carving those spooky pumpkins that sit on the front porch.

Despite all these tasks, it’s always important to keep your plumbing in mind to avoid potential problems. Follow these simple tips to avoid plumbing nightmares on your Halloween night!

 Place Pumpkin Guts in the Trash

If you plan on carving pumpkins as part of your Halloween festivities, ensure the pulp and seeds make it to the trash and do not get flushed down the toilet or sink. The pulp from inside the pumpkin will create a nice sticky clog in your drains. It can also harden overtime and cause multiple other issues, including garbage disposal issues.

Be sure you and your children toss all pumpkin guts in the trash. Also, be aware of any pumpkin pulp stuck to your hands during hand washing!

Dispose of Candy Wrappers Properly

Another important thing to dispose of properly this Halloween are candy wrappers. All too often those little clear wrappers end up down a drain somewhere. This can also cause your drains to backup and clog, so it is important to dispose of those pesky wrappers properly.

 Remove Costume Makeup with a Disposable Wipe

A grease-based makeup can slow down drains dramatically. After your children have come home from collecting their goodies, make sure to use a disposable wipe to remove any costume makeup instead of washing it down the drain.

 Monitor What Goes in the Disposal

If you’re planning to host a Halloween party, be aware of what is being thrown in your garbage disposal at all times. Oils, fats, and grease should be thrown in the trash rather than the garbage disposal to avoid any build-up leading to future problems.

Follow these tips and simple precautions to ensure your Halloween doesn’t end up being a nightmare! Enjoy your night without the worries of plumbing problems. If problems do arise, give Rapid-Rooter a call - we can help!

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