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  • Stinky Sink Remedies

    How to Fix And Prevent Stinky Sink Drains One of the most common questions we receive from our customers is about smelly sink drains. The odors can make cooking, cleaning, teeth brushing and washing dishes unpleasant. If your home has a stinky drain,...

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  • Affordable Home Improvement Ideas for the Holidays

    There is no better time to take care of those small home repairs or fixture upgrades on your kitchen and/or bathroom than before guests arrive for the holidays.  Most homeowners do not realize what a difference installing new plumbing fixtures...

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  • Holidays and Plumbing

    The Holidays are a time of joy, giving, and love…and extreme stress. Family all comes together in one house to be together, to celebrate together, and to live together. This can often be stressful to not only you, but your plumbing as well. If you ...

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  • How To Improve Your Bathroom With An Old Style Tub

    History is affecting today’s room décor in all areas of the home.  A society that seems to be clinging to a retro style just as they also enjoy hearing music, wearing clothes and watching old movies from earlier times, seem to find...

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