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The Gift That Keeps On Giving All Year Long

There is no argument that drinking water is important in everyone’s life.  Here in the U.S., we have all kinds of options for obtaining clean water.  However, in a depressed economy, it is smart to think of the most affordable alternative for meeting our need for hydration.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to use some of that money to buy other necessities, or things we really want?

Bottled water for a family of four dedicated water drinkers could average between two to three cases of water per week.  The typical cost of a case of bottled water is about $5.00.  For even the smallest family, you are averaging between $10 and $15 per week on bottled water.  In one year, you will have spent between $500 and $800 on drinking water.  Should you choose to purchase by the gallon for a water dispenser tank, the cost may be slightly lower (or higher).  We have all heard stories about the truth behind bottled water.  There is no law mandating that bottled water must be better than tap water in order to sell it.    Nonetheless, we feel more confident when putting our lips to a sealed bottle.

Some families still rely on their municipality to supply their drinking water.  City water suppliers are regulated and consistently tested to guarantee safety.  Regardless, the quality of water will not be that of water produced through an osmosis system.  Taste is extremely important.  Just because you’re guaranteed “safe” water does not mean it will necessarily be enjoyable to drink.  If your family does not enjoy the taste of water, more than likely they are not going to drink enough of it.  The body depends on an adequate amount of water each day to function.  The digestive system, kidneys, bladder, muscles, skin and every other part of the body is much healthier when drinking plenty of water.

There is also a huge population in this country in rural areas where well water systems are required.  Homeowners relying on well water should have their water tested annually and will benefit from a filtration system more than someone living within the city.  Rain and ground water tend to frequently become altered within a well.  Utilizing a water filtration system will ensure safety from contaminating bacteria and substances while simultaneously supplying great tasting water.

Walter filtration systems are designed to remove dangerous contaminates such as chemicals, bacteria and pollutant mineral deposits.  One of the most dangerous of threatening substances in water is lead.  Another is chlorine.  By removing these dangerous contaminates, the risk of various threats of cancer and other serious health conditions is greatly reduced.  The filtration method involves a solid black carbon filter which is instrumental in removing up to 99% of dangerous substances while leaving behind healthy mineral deposits that produce clean, healthy drinking water.

The most affordable way to supply your home with drinking water is with a water filtration system.  A reverse osmosis is the best gift you could give your family this holiday season.  With fresh, filtered water, your holiday recipes will taste better than ever.  Not to mention, no more worries about running out of water.  All the great tasking drinking water your family will need will be within reach of the tap.

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