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Remedies for a Stinky Kitchen Drain

Stinky drains are sometimes unavoidable. Many people encounter rancid smelling drains a few times during the span of their life. There are very easy fixes to rotten smelling drains, and very easy household remedies to prevent drains from producing yucky odors.

Baking Soda fixes many bad smells; in this case, it can fix the stench rising from your sink in no time! You need two things: 1 cup of Baking Soda, and 1 large pot of boiling water. Pour the cup of baking soda into the sink and let it sit there for about five minutes, or however long it takes your large pot of water to start boiling. After five minutes, pour the boiling water down the sink. This should remove the unpleasant smell from your sink.

White vinegar also removes uninviting smells from your sink. All you need to use is 1 cup of white vinegar, and have a working faucet that is ready to run. Step 1: pour the cup of white vinegar down your drain. Step two: run hot water out of your faucet into your drain for about five minutes. This should remove the funky smells coming from your sink easily and quickly.

The best way to make sure your sink does not smell is to not pour food down it. If you have no disposal, do not put food down your drain; use a drain stopper to keep all of the food out. This will help a lot. If food got down the drain anyway, run hot water down the drain for about five minutes. This will help to clear out the drain. If you have a garbage disposal , run it when putting food down the drain, run water when using your garbage disposal, and run your garbage disposal for a long time when putting food down the sink.

Once a month, if is ideal to use something to remove the smells from your drain. A commercial cleaner can be helpful to prevent smells; however, dropping pieces of citrus fruits down your drain can also be very helpful. Once a month, cut up half of a lemon and drop it down your sink while running the garbage disposal. This will help to fight against the smells that are trying to escape from your drain.

If the smell is out of control, and you cannot seem to find a way to fix it, call a plumber for more advice.

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